Our Happy Clients


"My wife and I, and our bulldog, couldn't be happier with Maricia! Not only is she 100% reliable, but she has no problem with last-minute changes or adjustments. And bulldogs have special needs and requirements that Maricia always remembers and takes into consideration. She is, quite honestly, one of the best people we've worked with in any capacity. You can trust her with your baby!"


"Max has lots of energy and is always ready for walks and play time. Woof 4 Walks helps me take care of my best friend at a moment's notice. For work I sometimes travel on short notice, or I have long days in the office. No matter what, I know I can count on Woof 4 Walks to help keep Max safe and happy."


"I'm so happy I found Maricia and Woof 4 Walks. She and Marvin are 100% reliable and immensely flexible - they make it possible to share my busy life with my wonderful companion, Ruby. Woof 4 Walks really makes it possible for me to have a dog in my life. I couldn't do it without them."

Winston & Maggie

"Maricia has been like a family to us. Maggie and Winston absolutely love her! Maricia has always been willing to come walk the dogs at a last minute's notice and she even took the dogs for a couple days when we had our first child. I honestly do not know what we would do without her."


"Mattie is comfy knowing Maricia and crew will take fantastic care of her while we are away!"


"This is ShoRRty and next to my favorite ball, I love dogwalker day. Woof 4 Walks is always reliable and flexible. I can always count on them when I need them."

Callie & Cowboy

"Callie and Cowboy all tuckered out from their walk with Ms. Luz. I have had the pleasure of being home a few times when Luz came for their walk. They absolutely adore her. They are wiggling all over the place and go right back into their crates. We couldn't be happier with Woof 4 Walks service."

Herbie & Josie

"We have worked with Woof 4 Walks and Maricia for over 5 years now - ever since Herbie was just a tiny pup. When we moved and added a new dog to the family (Josie) Maricia was able to accommodate and we still get the peace of mind to know that our dogs are well cared for and getting the opportunity to get out. Josie has had some pretty severe anxiety, so the peace of mind during the day means all that much more to us. We have even taken advantage of her overnight services which has been very convenient as Maricia picks the dogs up and brings them back. We couldn't be happier with the services that Woof 4 Walks provides for us!"